The Law Offices of Peter D. Wolf, PC provide legal services to individuals and businesses. The primary areas of concentration are business formation and operation, commercial maritime matters, and life planning.

The counsel of an attorney who listens to a challenge besetting a client and then evolves a creative solution is often far more valuable than one who just gives a legal opinion. We believe that litigation usually produces either one loser or two losers, and try to resolve problems through negotiation, so that both parties can achieve their most important goals and continue their relationship amicably. We have a broad range of knowledge and experience which enables us to serve clients, since we often can find resolutions that benefit the client. Our practice is predicated on positive aspects of the law, such as providing legal services to create a new business or a plan for this life and the hereafter. When attorneys practice collaborative law, which often exists in areas like real estate closings, clients benefit by having their goals attained effectively and efficiently.

A veteran-owned small business.